Clorindo Testa (born in Naples - Italy, December 10, 1923) is an Argentine architect and artist, he graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Universidad de Buenos Aires in 1948.

In his work he was one of the leaders of the Argentine rationalist movement and was one of the pioneers to the brutalist movement in Argentina. His style as an architect has always been influenced by his artistic nature, his projects are dominated by the effects of colour, tension, metaphors and plasticity, these aspects are well illustated in his designs for the Biblioteca Nacional de la Republica Argentina and the Banco de Londres building in Buenos Aires.



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Cuadriculado con   Serie de Números   Serie de Números    
Letras de Colores   y Letras   y Letras    
Acrílico sobre tela   Acrílico sobre papel   Acrílico sobre papel    
70 X 70 cm.   50 X 50 cm.   50 X 50 cm.    

Autorretrato con la Peste
o Caperucita Roja
Acrílico sobre tela
1,50 X 1,50 mts. 1990