Delia Solari, an Argentine painter having worked with the Neo Geometric Figuration technique and currently working with the Geometric Abstraction technique, has developed a unique style which she herself names “Sensitive Planimetric Structuralism”, and explains in her book AESTHETIC STATEMENTS.
She studied drawing, painting and composition with the teachers Mari Lagsner, Alfredo De Vicenzo, Marta Lozano, Julio Giustozzi and Juan Carlos Chasco Ross, Art History with Jorge López Anaya and Art Theory and Philosophy with Fermín Fevre.
Her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in Argentina (Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Santa Fe, Entre Ríos, Salta, and Santa Cruz), Uruguay (Montevideo and Punta del Este), Paraguay (Asunción), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro ), the U.S. (New York, Washington, and Miami), France (Paris and Saint Paul de Vence), Germany (Hamburg), Spain (Madrid), Canada (Toronto), Switzerland (Zurich), Italy (Rome), Austria (Vienna), and Singapore (Singapore).
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Sonata cálida.
Espacio Abstracto.
40 x 50 cm. 2006.
Concierto Cálido
Acrílico sobre tela
60 X 80 cm. 2005
Curvas y Rectas
Acrílico sobre tela
40 X 50 cm. 2006
Acrílico sobre tela
40 X 50 cm. 2005
Sensible 4
Acrílico sobre tela
40 X 50 cm. 2006