Filippo De Pisis (May 11, 1896 - April 2, 1956) was an Italian painter-poet who was born in Ferrara. He debuted in 1916 as poet, with the collection "Canti della Croara". After he published his "Canti della Croara," De Pisis came into contact with Giorgio De Chirico, Carlo CarrÓ and Alberto Savinio, who were stationed in Ferrara during the war. The young De Pisis became the local guide for these members of the Parisian avant-garde. This association led to De Pisis's short allegiance with the School of Metaphysical painting. While he had not yet begun to paint, De Pisis hosted informal salons in his Ferrara apartments, where most of De Chirico's Metaphysical paintings were first exhibited.


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"Lark"   "E"
Oils   Oils
23,5 X 31,5 cm.   35 x 50 cms.



"F"   "H"
Oils   Oils
22 x 35 cms.   26 x 46 cms.



"Venetian Landscape"   "Fish"
Oils   Oils
23,5 X 40 cms.   23 X 13 cms.



"Paris"   "Venezia"
Oils   Oils
25 X 40 cms.   35 x 50 cms.







"Fountain with Fruits"
Oil on canvas
23,5 X 35 cm.