She was born in Bordeaux, France and studied in Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (París). Since 1956, her works have been exhibited in in a lot of solo exhibitions in these museums: Chartres (Francia), Chaux de Fonds (Suiza), Saint-Léger (Soissons-Francia), Rioja (Argentina); and galleries like P. Fachetti (Paris and Zúrich), Art Shop (Bále - Suiza), Rubbers, Praxis, Van Eyck and Kramer (Bs. As.), Arlette Gimaray (París), Sluis (Holanda). Lelia Mordoch (Paris).
Galeria Altera (Argentina, Pinamar). She obtained the the Sculpture Firt Prize in the Alejandria International Biennial, Egiptoand Nacional Room.

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Estelas Iniciáticas

Acrylic, Gold sheet