He was born in 1979. Filmmaker, Organ Teacher and Illustrator, since child he has been developed and outstanding in the artistic world. Beginning with the drawing and the painting at age 5, continuing with music to 11 years and standing out in the plastic and literary area in its scholastic stage.  He enters the university where he studies graphical design and this same year, he makes a study in Techniques of the Illustration in the Visual Center of Buenos Aires, with Jorge García



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    León   Jorge Luis Borges    
    35 x 50 cms.   20 x 30 cms.    
    Lápiz y Aerografía   Lápiz    



    Ludwig Van Beethoven   Ludwig Van Beethoven    
    1998   1998    
    Lápiz   Lápiz    



    35 x 50 cms.        
    Tinta China        
35 x 50 cms.
Lápiz y Aerografía