Multidisciplinary plastic artist of international renown.  She was born in the fall of 1943 in the “Old World” in the midst of the World War, Silke has lived in Argentina since 1949.

     Countless travels and studies have taken her around the world. As a result, she has adopted a holistic approach to existence.

     This plastic artist has channeled her creativity in the Textile ARTS. In her search for a more encompassing language, she incorporates music, set designs, words and dance in a fertile interweaving of the arts. Silke thus follows her path, with the construction of new horizons, alert to the mysteries of life, diving into ancient wisdom.

     The subject matter of her cycles is retrospective: “Discovering the External World; “Discovering the Inner World”; “Letters to a Young Poet”, by R. M. Rilke; “Andean America”; “Popol Vuh”; “The 4 Elements” and “The Arcana in Silk”.

     She was part of “Buenos Aires 3 Arte Textil” with important international exhibitions: Linz, Salzburg, Vienna, München, Nürnberg, Leverkusen, Madrid, Lisbon, Valparaiso, etc.

     She transmits her experience by teaching: Experimental Workshop - School; creative seminars; one-man and group projects.

     She has served as judge and curator in important competitions.

Silke has worked in all facets of video and audiovisual projects: projection, direction, photography, film and production - always inserting a dynamic concept around her tapestries.




"The Four Elements"