He was Born in Switzerland in 1917, became an Argentine citizen in 1935. He studied agriculture at universities in both Europe and the United State of America, attending at the same time courses of painting and sculpture at various schools.

He worked for several years in Argentine cattle ranches in Santa Fe and Buenos Aires provinces.

In 1944, decided to fully pursue his artistic vocation, he moved to the city of Buenos Aires and from there on devoted himself to his art works and also to the teaching of the arts.

He studied for some time with the painters Jorge Larco and Raul Soldi and the sculptor Lucio Fontana. Since 1946 he started exhibiting his works at national and international shows and has earned numerous prizes and acknowledgements.

He is cofounder of The Argentine Association of Ceramic Arts and became a member emeritus.

As head professor at official Argentine art schools over more than 30 years has transmitted his views and techniques, at- both the public art schools and at his private studio, to numerous students, so me of them now world famous painters and sculptors.

He was appointed advisor to the Argentine National Secretary of Culture.

He had produced many monuments and murals and his works are part of private collections in Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Israel, United States of America, Uruguay and Italy.

His works may also be found at various public museums.





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Pinares. WaterColor
                                            46 x 56 cm.
Hipomeno y Atalanta
40 x 60 cm.