Generative Art engenders a series of optical se­quences through the development generated by a form, for example a circle, a square, etc. in so far as these envelop themselves into a series of new positions in either the contrary or consecutive sense, following a perfect generative development that completes itself in one unique total form and other interior forms that may also be observed  Born in Buenos Aires in 1929.  Begin Art Plastis studies as self-taught person, in addition is graphic designer. Together Vidal, Magariños, Filievich y Martino make up the “Young Group”. During 1958 carry out your first  one man Exhibition in Rubers.    

 Next year with Vidal and Pirovano found the “Art Generativo Group"                               In his Arts works use circle lines to make as of differents centers, that it blends to create a soft weave.  

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       Reds in Motion
     Acrylic on canvas
    80 x 110 cm. 2004