Solariīs Planet

To know

When you die, the world will continue.



That tingling in your arm and the tightness on your chest may not be signs of lovesickness but of a cardiac event.



Those 30 days you will age this month will generate an inevitable and useless accumulation of new memories.


Weather Forecast

Unstable during the day.  Uncertain during the night.


New trend in the North district

Take wife to see your pad.



Saving money makes you rich.


A question one must never ask among friends

Who hasnīt ever picked up a transvestite?


To get by this summer if you go to the mountains

Seaside kills sexy


Latest trends in the European Summer

Have a vasectomy done upon turning 18.


Strategy to avoid seeing the family during Christmas and year-end holidays

Quote the Tao Te King and claim to be a Buddhist.



My wife is very immature, whenever I play with my toy action figures she dumps them in the trashcan.