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1924 Wins Third Prize with her work “My Neighbors” at the XIV National Salon of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires.

1929 Returns to Europe, this time on a study trip. She establishes herself in Paris for two years and attends courses given by Othon Friesz at the Scandinavian Academy, Paris. She relates with a group of Argentine painters living in Europe, among them H. Butler, H. Basaldúa, A. Badi, and later A. Berni, J. Del Prete, Pedro Domínguez Neira, the sculptor A. Bigatti. She exhibits her works at the VIII Salon des Tuileries.

1932 Together with the painters Alfredo Guttero, Pedro Domínguez Neira and the sculptor Alfredo Bigatti, she founds the Free Courses of Plastic Arts.

1934 Second National Prize of Painting at the XXIV National Salon of Fine Arts, with her work “Interlude” (1934). 1935 Participates in “The 1935 International Exhibition of Paintings” at the Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, U.S.A.

1936 She marries the sculptor Alfredo Bigatti. Together they create the Etching Union in Couples.

1937 Gold Medal, Paris International Exhibition. Prize at the II National Salon of Decorator Artists, Buenos Aires, with her work “Le Tarot”. 1939 Participates in International Exhibitions in New York and San Francisco. Personal exhibition at Müller Gallery, Buenos Aires. She starts working on the Drama series. 1941 Second Prize at the XXXI National Salon of Fine Arts with her work “Self-portrait” (1941). 1942 First Prize in Painting at the XXXII National Salon of Fine Arts with her work “Drama” (1942).

A monograph is published under the title “Raquel Forner”, by Geo Dorival (Editorial Losada, Buenos Aires). Her work “Desolation” (1942) is included in the collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art (USA). 1943 First Acquisition Prize (Painting) at the XXXIII National Salon of Fine Arts wit her work “Grief Series” (1943). 1944 Prize for Composition and Gold Medal at the IV Municipal Salon Municipal of Painting and Sculpture, Cordoba.

1947 Palanza Prize awarded by the National Academy of Fine Arts at the First Palanza Competition. 1951 Member of the Royal Society of Arts of England. 1956 Great Prize of Honor in Painting at the XLV National Salon of Fine Arts with her work “Sending” (1956).

1957 New York’s Museum of Modern Art acquires “Moons”, (tempera) first work of the Space Series, Press Prize at the First Inter-American Biennial of Painting and Engraving, Mexico. Her work “Point Zero” (1956) is then included in the collection of Mexico’s Museum of Modern Art. A monograph appears, “R. Forner”, written by Giampiero Giani and published by La Conchiglia, Milan (Italy).

1961 Guest of Honor at the VI Biennial of Sao Paulo, Argentine Sector. Participates in the exhibition “9 Painters of Argentina”, Widger Gallery of Modern Art, Washington (USA). Golden Venus Prize –in the Plastic Arts’ field- on Woman’s Day, awarded by the Women’s Circle. 1973. Selected Celebrity of 1972 by the Rotary-Athenaeum, Buenos Aires.

1974 (USA). Participates in “Art of the Americas in Washington Private Collections”, organized by the Organization of American States, (Washington D.C.). Three of her works are included in the collection of the following museums: “Space and Time Mutation” (oil painting, 1971), San Francisco Art Museum, California; “TV-filmed Astronaut with earthmen (I)” (oil painting, 1972), New Orleans Art Museum and “Return of the Moon explorer” (oil painting, 1969) is selected by the National Air and Space Museum, Washington, to form part of its collection.

1979 Participates in “Argentine Art 1960-1980”, Tokyo (Japan) and in USA. Wins the “Rosario Prize 1978”, established by the Municipal Foundation of Fine Arts “Juan B. Castagnino”, Rosario (Santa Fe Province).

1982 Creates the Forner-Bigatti Foundation. Paints “Origins of a New Dimension” for the new building of the O.A.S., Washington (USA). Awarded the Diamond Konex by the Konex Foundation (Buenos Aires).

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