Antonio Pujia was born in Polia, Italy, June 11th 1929. In 1956 he acquired the Argentinean citizenship.
He resides in the country, since 1937.
He studied with teachers Troiano Troiani, Alfredo Bugatti and José Fioravanti. The National School of Fine Arts"Prilidiano Pueyrredón", conferred him National Professor's of Drawing title, and the National Hight School of Fine Arts, "Ernesto de la Cárcova", granted him Professor of Sculpture's title. This period of studies embraced from 1943 to 1954.
He exercised the teaching, being responsible for the sculpture classes, at the National Schools of Fine Arts "Prilidiano Puerredón" and "Manuel Belgrano". He was also devoted to the private teaching and he was in such concept founder of the School Shop of Sculptures that worked from 1970 to 1975.
Ex-teacher of the Hight School of Fine Arts "Ernesto de la Cárcova."
He was sculptor-scenographer at the "Teatro Colón de Buenos Aires", from 1956 up to 1970.
President of the Association of Argentinean Winning Artists from 1993 up to 1996.

Realizations of Trophies and Medals
"Great Prize" "SADAIC" for authors and composers.
"Guitarra Viva" "SADAIC" for interpreters.
"Magic guitar" " SADAIC " for members of the Directive Commission.
" Family " Prize of the "Cámara Argentina de Artefactos del Hogar".
"TV" Prize of the "Cámara Argentina deTelevision".
" Orfeo " Luis Gianneo Prize, Conservatory of Music C.L.Buchardo.
"Martín Fierro Payador", Trophy Festival of Balcarce.
"Derecho Autoral", Medal for Prizes SADAIC.
Creation of the Commemorative Medal 2nd. Foundation of the City of Buenos Aires, ordered by the "Editorial Crea" to attach to the publication "Siete Días"-1980.
Winner Competition Medal Commemorative First Centennial Jockey Club. Buenos Aires.
Participant at the competition of the "Medalla Trapiche."
National Museum of Buenos Aires.
Numismatic Unity in commemoration of the assumption to the Presidency of the Dr. Raúl Alfonsin's Nation, "La Esperanza en Marcha" 1983-84 with Absolu S,A
Medal and Trophies for Clarín AGEA.
Trophy for Tennis (Casa Piana )
Commemorative Plaque 80th Anniversary "Teatro Colón" Foundation.
"Banco de Crédito Argentino" - Trophies: "Tecno-emprendedor"and the"Emprendedor Agricultural"
1993 Trophy " Victoria " -two sizes- company ARCOR.
"The Moon" Great Prize National Fund of the Arts.
1994 Trophy re-openinig "Teatro Avenida".
1995 Trophy "Duo de Amor" SADAIC.
1996 " Yatasto " Prize, "Hipódromo dePalermo", Buenos Aires.
Trophy 60th Anniversary Foundation "SADAIC"
Prize "Imagen Satelital - Function Private" established by the University of the Cinema.
Prize 25th Anniversary Festival of Cinema Mar del Plata, established by the National Institute of Cinema and Visual Arts.
Prize to outstanding personalities of the Cinematography, established by the Institute National of Cinema and Visual Arts.
1997 Homage to Figures of the Song, Teatro Colón Foundation.

Winner of Municipality of Bs.As realization competition. Marble portraits of Carrara XOX.
Realization for Competition of the Municipality of Buenos Aires of 2 busts in marble of Carrara, of the former Intendants: Güiraldes and Iricibar.
1983 Homage to the painting Deferrari - Portrait located at the Superior School of Fine Arts "Ernesto de la Cárcova."
Marble "Life Column" located at Velez Sarsfield park, donated by the author to the Municipality of the City of Buenos Aires.
Homage to the poet Julián Centella - Portrait located at Roberto Arlt square in collaboration with the "Asociación Amigos de Avenida de Mayo" and the "Academia del Lunfardo".
Homage to Atahualpa Yupanqui, bust portrait, SADAIC.
1994 Sculpture for responsibility at the "Palier del Teatro Avenida".