Clorindo Testa was born in Naples, Italy in 1923.
He resides in Argentina, since he has 5 months. Graduate as Architect at the UBA university in 1947. He is part of the study that prepared the Regulator Plan of Buenos Aires directed by Jorge Ferrari Hardoy, where Juan Kurchan, Antonio Bonet and Ernesto Rogers also participate among others.
In 1949 he obtains a free-scholarship at the UBA to realize a trip of studies to Europe. He begins to make an outline trip thrught Italy.
In 1952 he relizes his first one-man show at the van Riel Gallery , Bs.As.
In 1976 he is named Academic of Number at the National Academy of Fine Arts. In 1992 he is named Director of the National Fund of the Arts and it granted him the Doctorate Honoris Causes at the UBA.
In 1996 he is named Honorary Professor of UBA's Architecture Carrier.

One-man shows
1996 "Architecture, Painting and other things", Patricios Bank Foundation, Bs.As.
1994 Ruth Benzacar Gallery, Buenos Aires.
1991 Ruth Benzacar Gallery, Buenos Aires.
1990 Ruth Benzacar Gallery, Buenos Aires.
1989 ICI, "Láminas que faltaban en el inventario dibujado del Obispo Martínez Campañon sobre Trujillo del Perú en el Siglo XVIII"
1988 Jacques Martínez Gallery, " Self-portraits ", Bs.As.
1986 Jacques Martínez Gallery, "The Saving", Bs.As.

Mixed shows
1996 VI Biennial International of Architecture of Venice, Italy; J.L.Cuevas Museum, Mexico; Patricios Bank Foundation, Buenos Aires; "La Ciudad Agredida", National Museum of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires.
1995 "The City and their painters", De Santi Gallery, Buenos Aires; Contemporary Argentinean Art 80/90", Patricios Bank Foundation, Buenos Aires.
1994 Retrospective Exhibition, Museum of Modern Art, Buenos Aires; National Museum of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires; Patricios Bank Foundation, Buenos Aires.
1993 "City of the XX Century", CAYC.
1992 Art BA 92, Cultural Center Recoleta, Bs.As.; CAYC, Bs.AS.; Ruth Benzacar Gallery, Bs.As.; Klemm Foundation, Bs.As.
1990 Ruth Benzacar Gallery, "The Golden Mirror", Buenos Aires.
1988 CAYC, Cultural Center of the City of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires

Obtained prizes
1997 - 1st. Prize, Painting, University del Salvador, Buenos Aires; 1st. Prize, Architecture, National Competition School of Notaries, Buenos Aires. 1996 - 2nd. Prize, Architecture, National Competition of Ideas for the Urban Development of the Área Retiro; 2nd. Prize, Architecture, Jalomi Competition, Hebraic Society Argentina, Buenos Aires. 1994 - 1st. Prize, Architecture, National Competition Building Hebraic Society Argentina, Buenos Aires; Special Mention of the Jury, Architecture, Secretaría de Transporte Competition. 1992 - Mention, Architecture, National Competition of Ideas, Puerto Madero, Bs.As.

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